What kids football can teach you about FB Ads…

Back when I was a kid

I used to play football for a team who had this striker

As we all know, the aim of the striker is to score the goals

But what made this set up unique, was that his dad would pay him £1 for every goal he scored

Being switched on, this kid, would never pass, would never cross & would never be in any other position

Always in the centre of the box in order to take all the shots

The more shots he took, the more goals he would eventually score

Simple maths right??

Now this is the same with your Facebook Ads

The one number that you should be focusing on is the…

Cost Per SALE!

Yes the cost per lead is a good marker, just like passing the ball in a football game

The cost per consultation or cost per application form is like the number of crosses

But if you don’t score goals when you play football, then you are not going to win

If you don’t make sales when you run Ads, then your business is not going to grow

So here is a deal for you…

Why not let me & my team take care of all your marketing and ads

And let you focus on the most important parts

✅ making sales

✅ keeping clients

Let me know if we have a deal 🙌

You got this 💪

David 🙂