Who Is David Kyle? 😆

Right, I think it’s about time to introduce myself again 👋

To be honest, I’m actually very much like you, a FitPro

I had my own studio, FitHub30, in Cardiff, until January last year, when I sold it

You can find the page & picture of me coaching if you check on Facebook 😆

I started doing bootcamp sessions back in North Wales for £5 a session, and some clients promised they would pay the next week

And as you guessed, they didn’t 😬

I then took out a credit card to pay a “guru”, where the first module was all about manifesting 🤷‍♂️

But module 2 was Facebook Ads, which then launched my fitness business

DKnine Fitness, where I worked out of someone else’s gym in Southampton

I basically did everything myself until I realized I needed someone to chase the leads

This was my second biggest game changer

I was then desperate to get my own studio when I saw a lady in Cardiff giving up hers

I drove the 140 miles & said I’d take it 😆

A few days in, we had clients moaning in Southampton that the coach didn’t show for 6 am

Which was the first time I had to fire someone, I actually cried while doing it 🤷‍♂️

In Cardiff, we grew quickly, survived the lockdowns, took myself completely out of the business

Winning a number of awards, been featured in local magazines, raising a lot of money for charities & much more

I also changed the business name quickly to allow me to take myself out of the business more, changing from DKnine Fitness to FitHub30

Then eventually sold it in Jan ’23

So yeah, I can 100% say, what you might be going through in your business now, I have probably experienced it 🤓

These days, I get to spend my time chatting with FitPros like yourself, sharing what worked & didn’t

Plus, of course, we have the “Done for You” META Ads & LeadDec, the all-in-one lead gen platform

We also have a free group on Facebook where we give a load of content to help you out

Or if you have a specific Q you want to ask, simply hit reply

You got this 💪

David 🙂