You make WAY more money when you do this…

It’s crazy to think

The world doesn’t know what you’re thinking, doing or selling

It’s why Social Media has changed the world when it comes to telling the world what we do in our lives


David is sat at home watching Netflix


David checked in to Goodison Park with Holly

We post on social media for a number of reasons


And there is a big BUT

When it comes to sales

We for some reason are a little scared to tell the world about our offers

It’s like we still think that everybody should know about my business in my area

Or that I shouldn’t be chasing down sales

And this was the case until Yesterday when it came to our old rig & mirrors we had in the gym

The mirror had been sat in the corner of the gym for the last 8 months since we took them down

The old rig, just lying on the floor, gathering dust as we still didn’t know what to do with it

Then last night, Holly decided to take a few pictures and post it on the UKPTs Facebook group

2 Large Gym Mirrors – FREE

3 Bay Wall Mounted Rig – £500

About 20 minutes later, a message comes in

🗣 I will take the mirrors, can I pick up tomorrow?

The guy booked in and arrives this morning with his van

2 minutes of small talk about his gym & Holly tells him about the rig, which is lying on the floor

Deal struck -> 3 Bay Rig SOLD 🤝

And the point of this post??


Don’t be scared to tell the world about your offers and services

The more people you tell, the more sales you make


You got this

David 🙂