🗣 how do you work out how much you should spend on Facebook ads?

This was a question asked by a new member of The FitPro Portal 👆

& you know what… It’s a great question, especially if you are just getting started 🤓

Although, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you would probably want 🤣

Okay, to give you an idea, most of our ad clients spend between £10-£15 a day. This is down to not wanting to overload them with leads

After all, if you can’t keep up with the number of leads coming in, then you are just wasting the leads & wasting your own money

But & this is a big one…

If you want a better-qualified lead, then you would make the hoops they have to jump through to become a lead, a little harder

This will in turn increase the cost per lead, for example, an application form lead will cost you between say £15-£25 at the minute

Therefore if you spend £10 a day on a more qualified application form lead, you will get an application form every other day roughly.

This then brings us on to how many you need each day

Finally, to get started, I would only spend what you are happy to lose

Yes, it might sound like a tough pill to swallow, but it will quickly show you what your costs are going to be, so you can work out how much you need to spend to get the leads & sales you need

You got this 💪

David 🙂