2 Ways To Know If Paid Ads Work

What’s up guys David here from FitPro Lead Gen.
Today I want to talk about two key ways to know if a social media channel is worth advertising on.
The first thing that’s going to tell you if the social media channel that you’re looking at is a good place to advertise on, is if you see your competition advertise on this channel.

If you’re being targeted by other types of businesses, so for us fitness businesses, their running ads on this channel, that’s a surefire way that is potentially a good channel to work on.

The second way of really making that best decision is- do your target audience hangout on this channel?

For example, if you’re looking to advertise on Snapchat;

(1) Is your target, or does other FitPros advertise on this channel? And,
(2) Does your target audience hangout on this channel?

So if you’re advertising in over 50’s programs, is it likely that an over 50-year-old is going to have Snapchat? If the answer is probably no, then that’s a surefire way to know that this probably isn’t the place to advertise on.

So those two things again,

Are your competition advertising on this channel, and
Does your target audience hang out on this channel? If the answer is both yes to both of those, then definitely go ahead and start running paid ads on this social media channel.