Know Your Ads Numbers

A quick breakdown of some important numbers you need to consider when running your Facebook Ad.

Above is a picture of the results from one of our recent client.

The Ad spend is £162.98, this is the amount that we spent for this person on ads for June 13 to June 19.

The next row down is the number of leads we generated, and the amount spent.
So, we spent £162.98 on a generated 14 leads. That means the cost per lead is £11.64.

The initial numbers we need to consider are;

How much you’re spending in Ads?

How many leads you generate?

How much it cost per lead?

As you can see above we were able to generate 3 sales out of the 14 leads.

Lets work out the cost per sale.

The total ad spend is £162.98, divided it by the number of sales made which is 3 therefore; he spends £54.33 in ad in every sale.

The total income from all of that from his sales was £777.

To get total profit, we subtract £162.98 ad spent from the £777 income, which gives us £614.02 – his total profit.

So these are numbers we need;

–        Ad spend- how much are you spending on ads,
–        Numbers of leads being generated
–        Cost per lead,
–        Number of sales,
–        Cost per sale,
–        Total income
–        Profit you made

I hope that gives you a good insight into breaking down one of the particular clients, and those are the numbers you really should be looking for.