3 Key Numbers That Can Make All The Difference with Your Facebook Ads Campaigns 👊

If you need new leads in your fitness business like yesterday

Then you will 100% know that you should be running Facebook Ads 🔵

Facebook Ads can literally take like 2 minutes to set-up, then if the first person that sees your advert likes what it is saying, then you will have a lead already for a matter of pennies & minutes from pressing publish

Anyway… enough of me talking about how much I love Facebook Ads 🤣

What I wanted to share with you today were 3 key numbers!

Numbers that if you get them right, can make a big difference to the results you get from your ads

There is also 1 that is going to be controversial 😬 but honestly, don’t fight it!

Let’s get started…

1️⃣ Getting The Audience Right!

This one actually is a few numbers, but I am going to combine it all into one 🤓

The first number we need to consider is the age range you have, after all, what an 18-year-old wants are going to be different to what a 58 wants

Yes… they might both want to lose a bit of weight, but the deeper reasons are what we need to focus on, this will then make writing your ads copy, much easier

So we always say, go no more than a 20-year range (20-40) (30-50)

Finally, in this first number section, we also want to consider the pin drop

Same as the audience range, this need to be only targeting the people who actually turn up

Yep, it might look good increasing your pin drop to 12 miles, but if 80% of your client base lives in an 8 mile radius, then you are just going to be wasting your ad spend

2️⃣ The Number of Steps

This number comes down to the type of lead that you want

A lot of our bigger clients that have a sales team or person in place, usually just want volume, this would then be just the name, email & phone

Whereas the one-person business owner generally wants a more qualified lead

This will come in the form of adding applications forms, call booking links, harder steps to complete the initial landing page or LeadForm

The more steps you have in front of someone when they see your ad might improve the quality of that lead, but will reduce the number of leads you generate

3️⃣ The Ads Copy

Here we go… the one that might cause a little debate 😆

But first, numbers sell!

Having numbers in your ads copy will get you more leads as you can write ads specific to an audience

But also, having scarcity by numbers also makes a significant difference

The example being —>> We only have 5 spaces

Yes, I know some will think “I don’t want to be part of this”, “this doesn’t match my business”, or “I don’t want to lie” & all the other possible reasons for not wanting to add this in

But the matter of fact, is that this worked before Facebook was invented, it worked way before we were born & it’s been working for many 100s of years previous

Okay… 😆

I didn’t want to argue the case, but I will give you one way to overcome the “I don’t want to lie” & this should also fall into a key part of your ads copy

Your offering/service never needs to change, after all, you have it perfectly set-up

What does need to change is the offer name, not only will this make a big difference when you launch it each time, but also give you the opportunity to say how many places you have left

Here is what I mean:

January: The 6 Week New-Year, New Me Challenge

March: Spring Into Fitness 6 Week Challenge

June: 6 Week Summer Ready Challenge

You get the gist, use the environment, the audience needs & time of year to reframe the programme name, to make it feel fresh, new & exciting 🤩

And at the end of the day, if you just don’t want to have to figure it all out or would much rather someone else take care of all your paid advertising, then feel free to reach out & let’s have a chat

David 🙂