5 Tips On Generating Income Outside Of Your Main Business

The phrase: ‘Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket’

Can be applied to many areas of our fitness business


✅ when it comes to your Lead Gen set-up

& also

✅ when it comes to your services

Having multiple income stream can not only boost your income & profits into your business

It can also launch a completely new service or product

Enough talking… let’s dive in 👇

1️⃣ Online coaching

Something we all need to consider inside our fitness business given what’s happened over the last few years

Those businesses that couldn’t transition online well, struggled

Whether it’s zoom sessions, coaching plans, apps

Whatever your style of coaching is, can you get it set up online if you have to?

Something that will keep bringing that income in during an emergency ❗️

For tips on this, have a chat with Ash Burleigh 🤓

2️⃣ Merchandise

There is so much you can offer

Myzone belts – we know once they have one, they’ve committed and plan to stay a decent amount of time

They can see how hard they’re working and its only connected to our studio…if you haven’t heard of them look them up asap

We also do clothing orders, it’s not something we mass order but we do one order a month, share the latest designs 💪

This will bring in a nice side income

We use Russ Palmer for all DKnine clothing 🤓

3️⃣ Nutrition

This is one of those things you can sell separately

Most of us don’t do in-depth nutrition with clients because we aren’t qualified

But there’s a load of software out there that you can put clients on

Or even if you can get in a third party to come in & run it such as Shane J Nugent MSc 🤓

In fact, run nutrition seminars and sell it as a separate service 😎

4️⃣ Workshops

These are events you put on once a quarter

3-4 hours long

You have a certain number of places and charge a fee

This can be for current clients or prospects coming in

You could run a kettlebell and nutrition workshop 😇

And the money you charge goes straight in your pocket!

5️⃣ Events

For example, we are bringing out our first ever FitPro Conference

We’re charging people to turn up for the event and that’s another side income

When it comes to your fitness business

Contact local fun runs and see if you can take part

Things like tough mudder are an awesome way to inspire your gym community


Those are 5 different ways to generate new income, new business or launch something different to what you’re currently running

You got this 💪

David 🙂

PS… Ready to build your Lead Gen Eco-System?

Then come and join us inside: www.TheFitProPortal.com