Something You Didn’t Know About Holly

It’s not easy working with your partner

We can literally argue all the time about all kinds of random things, like:

✅ The number of slam balls we need on the next order

✅ Or why we really need a new set of 35’s

But one thing we can both agree on, is the value we deliver at DKnine

Our aim is to make DKnine feel like their second home, where they just don’t want to leave

Which brings us to the price that we charge

You see, when the lockdown ended, we lowered the 6 week price a little to £159 to help people get back into the swing of things

Then this month, we took it back up to £189

Has sales slowed down?


You see, Holly, who previous to owning DKnine with me had no sales or selling experience

She also hasn’t had any kind of sales training, EVER!

Closes roughly 8/9 out of 10

And sometimes it really does baffles me 🤷‍♂️

Because when I listen in, almost every consultation is different

There is no structure, no script, no specific way of closing the sale

She simply, let’s the consultation play out

And the reason for her success??

✅ Passionate about helping others

✅ Knows the offer inside out

✅ Has total belief in what we offer works

✅ Believes in herself

Nail these 4 things during your consultations & you should have no issues making sales

You got this 💪

David 🙂