8-10kpm Studio Owners…

That number right there 👆

Is the major sticking point for most studio owners

Going at it alone, can quickly get you to 5-6k pm

You then decide to add a staff member or two, to really rocket your growth & pull you out the business

But no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get past that 8-10kpm

Yet, your outgoings are more than they where when you where going alone

Plus it feels like you have almost doubled your work, even though the plan was to get out

This all sound familiar?

Then you are not alone 🤝

Almost all coaching clients we work with fall into this sticky hold

Each month, scratching their head at what to do to over get some time back, never mind actually making a decent profit

Profit = extra money made… AFTER paying you!


Here are just 3 quick ways to move that figure up, well above the VAT threshold & almost being life changing!

The first 2 where our biggest mistakes with FitHub30, for the simple reason I just copied everyone else 🤷‍♂️

1: Ditch the unlimited sessions & 3 sessions a week model!

Like seriously, we all know it’s the food that lets the typical client down

No matter how hard they train, until they get the food right, the scales are not moving

Therefore, like seriously overnight, you can double you capacity by only offering 2 sessions a week on your programme

This might even lead to reducing the number of dead sessions & saving you some money too 😆

2: Charging more than £100pm!

Might be a little controversial, but if your stuck at that 8-10k pm & run a studio, then this will change everything

If we can get £80 per client a month AFTER VAT & TAX, we are onto a winner

100 clients @ £80pm AFTER VAT & TAX already give you 8kpm & 100 clients roughly only takes 2 coaches to service them at the MOST!

Trust me… when VAT comes into play, your only charging £89pm & have 3 FULL TIME staff working for you, panic really starts to come into play

3: I can bet you know what I am going to say here 🤣


Actually no, let me change that a little for todays post…


This includes numbers, but also what actually happens in your business

Including what should happen when a client joins in week 1

How many client still attend in week 4

How many clients convert into Long Term Clients

At what month of the year do you see sales spikes or lead drop?

What should you do if you have a walk-in?

That last one is a perfect example 🤣

FitHub30 was literally hidden off the road, no-one knew how to find us, then one day

A prospects walks in, both staff just stood & looked confused

You get my point!

Anyway, I am looking to take on my next 5 Studio Owners, who are ready to smash the 20k ceiling within 6 months 👊

If that sound like you, then either drop me a message or have a read of this page: https://fitproincubator.com/

You got this 💪

David 🙂