They Almost Doubled Revenue in Dead Month 😆

There are times in the year, you know for sure…

It’s going to be a bad month!

July is usually one of those months🤷‍♂️

😓 Current clients handing in their notice
😓 Lack of prospects & leads
😓 Nobody wanting to get started

These type of months, really do inspire a lot of ads & coaching clients 💪

They come at us with ideas, suggestions & thoughts of things to try

They come at us with that look in their eye, that this month will be epic!

This is one of those clients

In-fact, this current client is relatively new to working with us

They had worked with a few other marketing companies, who all just offered a one-fit-suits-all approach

They had to have the same landing page, the same ads copy, the same creatives

They had little to no contact with those marketing companies & then when things slowed down or went wrong

Things just fell off a cliff 👎

Then they reach out to us 🤩

After all, we do things a little different…

✅ Daily contacts with their dedicated ads manager via WhatsApp

✅ Specific to you landing pages & funnels

✅ Brand specific ads copy & creatives

✅ Monthly marketing re-cap & planning meetings

✅ Including funnels & systems to chase down the leads

Plus, so much more 🙌

The biggest take away I can give for today is your offer NEEDS to match your audience

There is no-point pushing a 12 week programme to mums who have kids on summer holidays right now

The same goes for trying to push a intense CrossFit style workout to Men looking to drop a lot of weight

I am not saying that it won’t work, it will just be a hard job converting the leads

Ensure you offers change to what’s happening in your environment right now & never struggle to generate leads & sales again

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David 🙂