From Anxiety At The Start of The Month to Finishing with Over £2150 in FEOs 🤩

Short & sweet post today as we just got back from spending the weekend back up home in North Wales

While I was up there, I had this message come in…

The reason I NEEDED to share this with you today, MONDAY, is simply to say…

NEVER EVER stop trying to generate leads


A empty pipeline today, will results in issues further down the line

Even if you are full & I wrote a whole post on this before where I thought I didn’t need ads on anymore & that put me in a very similar situation to this

Just keep them going, even for just £5 a day

I will say it again 😆

NEVER STOP generating leads!

Even if it’s Christmas Day or youre on holiday

Just ensure your pipeline is being filled & automation are going out

You got this 💪

David 🙂