Total Cash Collected To Date £15,285 🤩

Every single Monday, we message all clients wanting to know their… NUMBERS!

We literally send over updates of the previous week, amount spent on ads, number of leads, cost per lead

The client then needs to simply add in the number of sales

The Google sheet then does a few equations & the cost per sale is generated 💪

Unfortunately, not all clients want to fill in the sheet 🤷‍♂️

This does make it a little harder for us know how well their ads are performing & what tweaks that need to be made

Then we have the exception 😆

We have clients who take it way, way further

They work out the number for everything, front end, back end, LTV & so much more

These guys & ladies are the serious fitness business owners

These are the clients filling their studios, gyms & bootcamps

These are the clients who have a clear focus on what they want to achieve

These are the clients opening second, third studios or setting it up to step completely away

It’s something we have said many times, but track your numbers in DEPTH & success really will leave clues 🙌

Anyway, one of these clients, sent us the screen shot!

385 leads since starting together

86 sales made

Cash collected £15,285 🤩

And he even admits that his lead chasing system is in nicer terms, not the best 😆

Track your numbers, seriously, track your NUMBERS & the game becomes a lot easier ✅

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You got this 💪

David 🙂