It Can’t Be That Easy… Can It?

Just did a few Instagram stories after I spoke to someone who was moaning about not being able to generate leads

Actually, what really frustrated me about the chat, was their desire to just moan, complain & make excuses!

& you know what, I GET IT!!

I remember seeing a friend open their first studio, with money his DAD gave him

The first thing I did was just moan, complain & bitch

Some of the excuses I came out with made no sense now looking back, but I believed them at the time

I’ve done a few posts on this before, but I’m a firm believer that YOU EARN YOUR LUCK!

Anyway, those insta stories…

I wanted to show him indirectly how easy it is to generate leads without spending a penny, costing you like 5 minutes a day

You can view those stories here —>>

Another super simple, free, yet time consuming way is Instagram

Find local businesses to you who have less than 3000k likes & that don’t use Hashtags, of course, make sure they match your target audience

Then follow their followers & get DMing

Like I said, free but time consuming

Or 😏

Like this Irish client

We could have a chat about our ‘Done for You’ lead gen, marketing, systems & automations –>>

Maybe even build you very own custom built Lead Gen Eco-System —>>

Or maybe coaching, accountability & guidance is a better option —>>

You got this 💪

David 🙂