If I was To Open A Coffee Shop ☕️

As it’s a Sunday evening, I thought I would throw a little curve ball into today’s post 😎

I was driving into Cardiff the other day & noticed a few new coffee shops had been open on the route in

& my mind instantly starts wondering 😆

What would it be like if I was to open a coffee shop 😏

Before I do go into a few things I would do

I think we, as FitPros have a HUGE advantage over other Business Owners

Selling fitness is NOT easy! It’s one of the reasons why becoming a FitPro can have a short shelf life if we don’t learn how to sell

Now some of the stuff I am going to talk about might seem super obvious for us as FitPros…

But how many other none fitness businesses do you know do some of this stuff?

1: Send A Weekly Email Newsletter 📧

If you don’t already do this in your fitness business, then close this email & get it done NOW!

Emails newsletters have been MEGA for FitHub30, literally indirectly selling & booking consults each time we send one out

These newsletters are not SELL, SELL, SELL… It’s a properly structured email designed to build KLT & push towards a CTA

Layout: Welcome & updates, 2 blog/social posts, 2 results/wins from the week, 1 CTA to finish

2: Run PAID Ads 🔵

Your Facebook page these days only delivers about 3-4% reach on each post 😬

So if you only have 100 likes on your page, only 3-4 people will see that post

Therefore even if you only put £3 on a post each day, that will increase the reach of the post drastically!

Plus don’t forget a proper lead gen campaign, offering a FREE “INSERT OFFER” if they leave their name, email & phone

3: Corporate Deals 💰

This would be a game-changer for any coffee shop!

Offer all local businesses 10-15% off all hot drinks with a VALID card

Then make sure, you up-sell everything to them

I had this happen to me the other day in the local corner store…

I said: 🗣️ Can I have a lottery for tonight?

The lady replied: 🗣️ is that one or two lines?

Genius! Of course, it caught me off guard & I said 2!

Anyway… number 3 is getting corporate deals going 👊

4: Mobile Order App & Stamp 📲

A coffee shop down Cardiff Bay already does this & I love it!

You order directly on the app & get credited with a reward stamp with each order

No more forgetting that pesky stamp card 🤣

They could do with adding a few additional notifications to pop up from the app

But the fact you can order ahead, collect your reward stamps & even buy gift vouchers on the app 🤩

So yeah… Might be a little 5-minute dream, but I think we FitPros would do well with a Coffee Shop when it came to marketing, keeping customers happy & delivering a killer product 💪

Enjoy your Sunday evening

You got this 💪

David 🙂

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