A Load Of Staff Questions… Answered 👊

This last week, there have been a lot of questions on all things staff

From coaching clients in the Incubator to a few Qs inside our FREE community group on Facebook

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I wanted to cover a few rapid Q&As on staffing that have been popping up

1️⃣ Where do you find good staff?

Super hard question, finding staff is easy, finding quality staff does take a little more work

When we had FitHub30, we found staff via 2 sources

1: Clients who loved everything we did & wanted to get involved, that could be from doing calls to book prospects in to making sales calls, while others wanted to get qualified to coach sessions

2: We also found a good percentage of our staff from Indeed

3: There are a few other places to mention too, one of our best coaches came from following us on Instagram, liking a load of our posts & then me reaching out to him. We have also found office staff from LinkedIn

2️⃣ How much do you pay staff?

Another super long answer, but I’ll keep it super short…

A lot will be based on your business model & what you need them to do

If you have a coach do just 1-2 hours, then they may be on a much higher hourly rate

Likewise, you might employ staff on a FT basis, this is what we did in the end, paying them a few £ over minimum wage

Then found ways for the staff to then be able to increase their wages with running accelerators & workshops

If I was going to open a studio again, I think I would change it up a little

Instead of taking on FT staff & filling their downtime with random tasks, I would take them part-time & offer them FREE rent to run their own PT sessions, but having to wear the clothing of my fitness business when in the studio

Again, so many options, you need to find the one that works for you & keep the staff happy

3️⃣ How do you keep staff accountable & not let standards slip?

Such a difficult one, but from experience, it’s setting expectations from the get-go

If you let things slide, either by letting them see you do it, or you not pulling them up on it, then you’re in trouble

These days, we have a detailed job description, handbook, KPIs & quarterly reviews

Plus, all office staff are on an initial 6-month probation

Finally, on this topic, a big thing we have introduced is a career path, showing them how they can increase their salary when the business grows

Be honest & be strict 👊

4️⃣ How do you get rid of a staff member?

I remember the first person I had to sack, I literally cried while doing it 😆

What a mess that was, but all of my own making

The easiest ways to sack staff & not face any backlash is by setting the KPIs mentioned above, ensuring they agree to them, having those quarterly reviews, & then giving them 3 strikes

This makes your life so much easier when dealing with problem staff, as they have nothing to argue against when it’s clear they are not performing

Plus, that staff member will know it’s coming & potentially will walk before you push

So yeah 😆

A quick overview of a few questions that have been popping up in the Incubator Coaching Mastermind over the last few weeks

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You got this 💪

David 🙂