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An update on Alwyn the van ๐ŸšŒ

Itโ€™s been just over 6 weeks now since we picked up Alwyn from the VW garage in Cardiff

Inspired by YouTube videos, travel and holidays abroad being limited this coming year and potentially the next

The aim was simple…

We wanted to purchase a van we could convert into a camper & tour the UK

Making memories and meeting up with some of you rock star FitPros on the way

Since starting, we have been able to dismantle the previous layout

Insulate and carpet the walls

Build the bed

And now install the electrics

With the final part coming this week

And this is what we all need, a focus, a drive & something away from work

โ€”>> ๐Ÿ“บ If you wanted to watch our progress so far, then check out the link in the comms ๐Ÿ‘‡ <<โ€”

Now the reason we work, we run a business & we do what we do is because we have goals

We have targets, desires we focus on & we push towards

And the whole lockdown situation hasnโ€™t been good for anyone

Especially for those driven by community, by togetherness & by team work

Which brings me onto a very special accountability programme I am launching in the coming weeks ๐Ÿ’ช

I will be taking on a small group of FitPros that are ready to leave the lockdown behind and completely change their life and set up

The tag line is simple…

Itโ€™s time to 10x your Fitness Business

Focusing on…

โœ… Performance

โœ… Accountability

โœ… Growth

This is NOT a coaching programme, I will explain more on that tomorrow

Plus we will NOT be taking just anyone on, as you will need to integrate with the group to keep everyone focused and on track

If you want to know more ASAP, simply drop me a message

You got this ๐Ÿ’ช

David ๐Ÿ™‚