I don’t think you need another business course…

All of you out there that did the Simon Lovell course back in the day

Put your hands up 🙌

This was the first course I ever paid for and boy it wasn’t cheap

Since then, I have invested, wasted and tried a load of additional courses

With the scary part being

We already know most of this stuff

The big issue we have isn’t that we need another course that is going to help grow the fitness business

But more that we just need to do the work involved and not get pulled away to the next big thing

This is where things started changing for us

Yes, I still purchase and join courses I know deep down I am never really going to do

The thing that changed, was the fact we started setting plans, setting targets, creating marketing calendars and focuses to work towards

Holding ourselves accountable to what it is we want and then getting on with doing it

Take last year, possibly one of the craziest years we have ever had in the business

FitPro Lead Gen grew, we took on 2 full time staff, moved to a dedicated office and increased all the numbers on the programmes and services we have to offer

Which then leads into the next part of our PLANNED growth

The FitPro Portal – ULTRA

Like I mentioned, we all know what we need to do

It’s just a case of putting it in place and actioning it 💪

This is what The FitPro Portal – ULTRA is all about

Holding you accountable with a small group of FitPros to not only grow

But to 10X your Fitness Business


✅ Performance

✅ Accountability

✅ Growth

We will be opening with just 5 FitPros

For full info or to book a call, simply drop me a message

You got this 💪

David 🙂