Don’t fear change… change is GOOD!

If Something in your life or business isn’t going to plan

You’re sat there thinking & contemplating making a change

Yet every time you pluck up the courage to make the change -> You suddenly have a wave of fear come over you

And you know what…

It’s totally fine to feel that fear

Every time we have made a big change

It’s been scary, we have thought about it for ages & keep putting it off

Yet, when we finally pull our finger out and make the change

The growth is crazy 🙌

Take when we found a unit in Cardiff for example

At that moment in time, we had 2 staff & over 60 clients at our set up in Southampton

And just couldn’t find a unit in Southampton as we where working out of someone else’s gym

So we had to make the decision…

❓ ❓ Do we keep struggling to find our own place in Southampton


❓❓ Do we take the step to close down Southampton and open up our own studio in Cardiff, 2 hours away, with no clients, no network and no idea about the area

It really was a big decision & a BIG change

Fast forward to the present day…

We have 4 full time staff at the gym and plans are underway for the second location

You should never fear change

If you believe it’s the right thing to do, you have done the numbers and you know it makes sense

Then go make that change 🔥

You got this 💪

David 🙂