Are you being lied to? 😱

I came off of a call earlier with a new Portal member, a little annoyed

You see this person mentioned they had spent 0000’s on previous courses & mentors

All resulting in little to no drastic business growth

🤷‍♂️ One mentor told him that paid advertising doesn’t work

🤷‍♂️ Then another told him that organic marketing doesn’t work

🤷‍♂️ Finally a third was making him spend a small fortune each day on ads that just didn’t fit his set up

And you know what??

This isn’t the first time I have heard this

When business experts, marketing gurus & so called specialists

Claim that one way doesn’t work…

JUST so they can sell you onto their own programme

Literally lying to you, so you feel the only way to succeed is by joining them

Yes, I know this is one way to do business

But come on….

They must realise that if enough people do their programme and fail

Their name starts getting dragged through the dirt

Anyway, as it’s a Sunday, I wanted to just put it out there that

There is no one perfect strategy to business growth and success

And placing all your hopes on one funnel, one strategy & one platform

Will 100% slow down the progress

The answer is simple…

Build an Eco-System, a system whereby leads come from all areas, online, offline, paid and free

You got this 💪

David 🙂