Are You Doing Roughly 5-12k pm? Then Try This πŸ‘‡

First up, I asked ChatGPT to find out what the return on investment would be for the following:

Cost: Β£1200

Money Made: Β£4000

& it came back with an ROI of 233.33% πŸ˜…

Well, this is what I tell my Incubator clients that they are likely to make in the first 90 days on the coaching programme 🀩

Will I guarantee it? NOT AT ALL!

If they turn up to 1 of the 3 coaching calls a week

& do what we talk about during our monthly 1-1 action plan calls

Then, chances are, they will likely make more than that in the first 90 days

Why am I so sure?

By taking you out of your fitness business for just an hour a week

To then give you a Bird’s Eye view of it, you quickly see what needs to change

& sometimes… what needs to change FAST!

For example:

βœ… The pricing gaps between your membership prices

βœ… Implementing after-session reports from all staff members

βœ… Building a Lead Gen Eco-System & not relying on one source

βœ… Building SOPs so you can step away

βœ… Putting all clients on recurring memberships to stop having to re-sell each month

βœ… Adding in a much higher membership, that clients will buy

Honestly, when you are pulled out of your business to look at it from a 10,000 ft

You can quickly see the areas that are costing you & where you can quickly change the profitability & growth of the fitness business

You got this πŸ’ͺ

For full details on the FitPro Incubator Coaching Programme, have a read here β€”>>

David πŸ™‚