Are you paying yourself a proper wage?

A Sunday night is the perfect time for reflection, analysis & planning

A time to dive into what went well, and what not so well

And a time to focus on the things that make you the money 💰

After all, we all want to make or save more money right 🙌

So here is a question…

Are you paying yourself a proper wage?

If not, then maybe it’s worth just getting a job?

Okay, here me out…

Just like you, I wasn’t paying myself a proper wage for a very long time

Some months, I would pay myself good money 🤩

Other months, when there was no money, I didn’t get paid 😫

But & this is a big BUT…

💰 I still paid for this course & that course

💸 I had all the software & all the latest marketing crazes

Yet, when pay day came… I could only take whatever was left in the business

Then the dreaded end of year tax came 😬

Doing everything I legally could to reduce the tax

Then either having to go on a massive sales drive or having to borrow money to get it paid

And this HURT 😢

Why? Because how I am supposed to:

Get a mortgage?

A car?

Go on holidays?

Live a comfortable life?

Well here is the thing & what I had to do

I had to stop trying to show off to all the other FitPros & focus on me

We started removing all things in the business that wasn’t making a return

We change the pricing structure in the business

We decided on what a suitable wage was to pay ourselves & stay at it each month

And then got to work

After all…

Generating leads & making sales can easily be done with no ads, budget or special software

Yes, this stuff does make it easier

But if it’s taking money away from your back pocket & not really making that much of a difference within the business

Then you need to start looking at your priorities & what actually will pay you a proper wage

You got this 💪

David 🙂