Passion = Profit

Today we had the e-com king, Alex Nestoratos come on & share his knowledge on setting up a supplement side to your fitness business

We talked all things:

✅ product ideas

✅ sourcing

✅ branding & design

✅ selling & marketing

✅ post sales to ensure they keep coming back

But there was one key thing that stood out & he repeated it several times

To make money from selling this, or anything in business

You need to be PASSIONATE about the product, service & offering

& not just setting it up with only making money in mind

Yes, profit is key to keeping the business going

But the reason he gave for the PASSION side is so true

😑 When those hard days come & your not feeling it… Passion is what will get you through

😑 When you’re not making money & you’re thinking of packing it in… Passion is what will get you through

Passion is the driver for PROFIT

Take Elon Musk, who sleeps in his office to ensure his rockets reach Mars

Or take your own fitness business

When your passion and enthusiastic during a consultation… SALES WILL BE MADE 🙌

You may have the best equipment

You may have the best facility

You may have the best pricing

But if you don’t have the passion to really help others, then you are hampering the potential profits

You got this 💪

David 🙂