The Only Person Stopping You… Is YOU!

This week has been one of those weeks so far, where I am super happy with the decisions I have made

And they all come down to 3 individuals who don’t know each other but have given me opportunities I had to action!

Take Will from Southampton, A guy I used to play football with a few years back

But also a serious action taker 💪

You see Will has the mission to get to all the football grounds in the UK

Now pre-covid, the deal was simple

He would WhatsApp me a few days before a match that he was thinking of going to, and asked if I wanted to come

So far, we have been to

✅ Walsall

✅ Newport

✅ Forest Green

And the craziest one…

✅ PSV Eindhoven over in the Netherlands

For that one, he WhatsApp’d and said something along the lines of:

We can get flights there and back same day + tickets for like £60. You in?

Less than a week later, we are in the Netherlands, taking part in their annual celebration of some sort 🤣 🤷‍♂️

** The Pictures Shows How Crazy It Was **

Okay, back to this week, the first WhatsApp of post-covid landed

“Dave, going to watch Huddersfield & Barnsley in September, you coming?”

Reply: Let’s go 💪

If the lockdown stuff of the last 2 years has taught me anything, it’s definitely take action now or miss out BIG TIME!

Which is what the other 2 major projects I put in motion this week are all about 🙌

For now, you will just have to guess 🙃

But if you are reading this, and have that itch, the feeling, that urge to get it done, but keep putting it off

Then PLEASE, go take action and love the journey ❤️

You got this 💪

David 🙂