Are You Sending Email Broadcasts Right? 📧

Email broadcasts can sometimes be underused because the hype has been and gone. Therefore people think emails just do not work. However, I can tell you for a fact that they do work, you just need to get them right! 

Here are types of Email Broadcasts we know work well: 

✅Success Stories

One example of an Email Broadcast we know works well is a success story. You talk about how you have changed a clients life. From what they felt like before they joined you, to how their life has changed since they have been with you. 

✅Email News Letter 

You could also have an email newsletter. In this news letter you can talk about what’s going on inside your fitness business right now as well as some success stories or some things they need to consider such as, tips. Then finalising the email with a call to action. 

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The FitPro Portal: