Bear Grylls Cost Me My Dream Location 🥺

I love where I am from, literally, for me nothing beats North Wales

Yeah, we don’t have amazing shopping centres & everything is miles away

But the slow life, the quiet nature, the mountains, hills & lakes… & of course

It’s my home!

So here is why I say Bear Grylls cost me my dream location

There was this unit in my village to rent, it would have been perfect for a small group set-up

Rent was decent, I knew the people, so it was just a case of getting the money together

& this is where Bear comes into play…

It was much less stressful, difficult, confusing to just watch him do his missions

It was perfect to procrastinate to

After all, who doesn’t want to be living in their grans, with no money, no real prospect

It’s more fun to literally to have the dreams & ambitions & not take action right?


I hated it…

Never being able to fill up the car with petrol, because I have no money

Not being able to buy cool clothes or the latest shoes

Literally having to move money around to cover, one outgoing while trying to find money to pay for the others

But because it’s scary, because I had never done it before, because I had no idea where to start

The overwhelmed was crippling & it was just easier to not think about it by watching Bear Grylls get dropped off in a remote destination & survive!


If your fed up with just surviving

Fed up with having no money

Fed up with the struggle

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Or reach out 🙌

You got this 💪

David 🙂