4 Sales Before 9:30am = £550 🤩

Nothing get’s you fired up for the day like making a few sales first thing

But when this WhatsApp landed at 9:20am yesterday morning, It did make us all smile in the office 😆

Not 1, not 2… but 4 SALES before 9:30am 🤝

Totalling £550 or £137.50 each for a 6 week outdoor bootcamp

Let’s break it down from us launching the ads to the clients making the sale…

1: We start by fully learning everything we can about the clients business & offer

2: We then request a number of creatives & videos

3: We then create the ads copy, edit the images & videos

4: Then launch the ads for the client, these ads are conversion ads sending people to a landing page

5: From here, the lead is then sent to a booking page (1 of the sales booked themselves in)

6: If they book, they are then taken to a success stories pages to get them excited for that booking

7: LeadDec then takes over for the clients sending out daily texts & emails for the first few days

8: But if the clients can jump in before that first text goes out, he will phone them up (1 of the sales landed at 8:03 & he phoned them up a few minutes later & sold to them)

9: All client sales are made on the phone in a one call close

10: The final 2 sales came from him feeling pumped from the first sale just after 8 & started phoning the rest of the leads

YES! He phones leads at 8am in the morning & at any point possible until 8:30 where he stops for the evening

Did you watch yesterdays automation training? If not…

11: LeadDec then moves all none sales onto a 4 week follow up text & email

I am also working with this client away from our ads management service on helping him put all the systems, process & structure into growing his outdoor bootcamp with coaching programme —>> https://fitproincubator.com/

✅ Chase, Chase, Chase those leads

✅ Ensure your ads are stopping the scroll

✅ & never, ever stop chasing your leads 👊

You got this 💪

David 🙂