How To Get FREE Warm Leads For Your Fitness Business 🤩

Successfully growing your fitness business, really does just break down into 3 main categories

1: Lead Generation

2: Making Sales

3: Client Retention

Yes, this is super generic & so much more fits into each section

But get the basics right & you are on a winning path

This path of course starts with Lead Generation

Unfortunately, lead quality can play a big part into how quickly you make sales

That’s why the holy grail of leads are those that use a search engine & discover you

In particular, Google!

So while doing the research for todays  FitPro Portal All-Access training

I was supper shocked with how well GMB or Google My Business is still doing for my own gym, that I sold back in January

We sold everything except for the name, which means all the social channels & website is all still active

Now having not touched anything in that time, when I checked out Google My Business stats, we would have been cashing in BIG TIME!

The website has generated 443 visits from GMB

299 people searched for directions to the studio

19 people tried calling the studio from GMB

Google Search showed us just over 8000 times

All because we set-up GMB when we opened & then optimised it

Honestly, if you are not using GMB! Then you need to jump on it right now 👊

In fact, if you want the breakdown in getting super warm leads flowing into your fitness business

Then you should come & check out the training I did today on GMB

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You got this 💪

David 🙂