You’re One Funnel Away…

Heard that saying before?

It’s actually a free course that ClickFunnels offer

& the crazy thing is…

You are actually: Just One Funnel Away from A New Client 🤩

Let me explain 👇

In the fitness industry, unless you are selling a magic diet pill or to a super warm lead

The chances are, a prospect is going to want to have a chat with you first about what is on offer

This could be via Text, WhatsApp, Email or Phone Call

They simply want to ensure that what you offer is right for them

This is where the a Challenge Funnel is perfect for your set-up

✅ First: we have a landing page that talks a little about their pains, desires & explains the outcomes of doing your programme/challenge

On this page, we have a number of success stories (Before & After / Videos / Screenshots / Text)

Finally, we have a number of buttons that when they click, it pulls up a form for them to submit their contact details (name, email & phone)

Once they submit their details, they are then redirected to booking in a call with you, adding a little urgency to the page & keeping the same success stories

On this page also, we need to ensure we are not allowing them to book to far in advance, 3-4 day MAX is best

Finally, we have the next page, which confirms their booking & gives them a CTA to maybe view the website, read the success stories page

Again, keeping the same success stories

Now we have the funnel built 🤩

We simply grab the link to that first page & share it EVERYWHERE 🌍

On all your social posts, in your bio links, in all your emails, on QR codes for posters & flyers

Mention it in your videos & podcasts

You literally want this link to be everywhere

Meaning it’s super easy for you to tell the world about your programme & be collecting new leads every single day 💪

Is it overkill posting the link every day? In all locations?

The simple answer is… Do You Want New Leads Every Day?

If the answer is YES 🙌 then post that link 🤩

✅ Next, once we have the pages & funnel all set-up, we now need to build some automations

If we think back to school, when we talk about funnel, we see it as a V shape

Where there is more space at the top & it keeps getting smaller as you move down

This will be the same for your funnel to generate leads

Lot’s of people will click the link

A little less will do the first page

A little less again will book a call

A little less again will sign up at the end

So we need to build a range of automated email & text messages going out for each stage

All with the purpose of pushing the lead down to the next stage of the funnel

Unfortunately we live in a super BUSY world, attention spams are limited & their is so much going on

That’s where the final step comes in

✅ We manually reach out via a phone call to each lead that comes in & doesn’t book

& we do this MULTIPLE TIMES… I am talking like 1 a day for minimum of 5 days

Remember, they entered their info as they wanted to learn more

So call each lead, the minute it lands & for multiple days until they answer or tell you to 🤬 😆

Like seriously, our Ads Management clients that are killing it right now, do exactly this


This email has gone on long enough 😆

What we have actually done is built the whole thing for you in LeadDec

We have the full funnel, the complete automation/follow up system, the lead management pipeline & so much more

& best of all, we give you all the social, email, ads & blog content to keep the leads flowing & sales being made

You should come check it out —>>

You got this 💪

David 🙂