Coach Calls In I’ll 🤢 30 Minutes Before Starting 🤬

Had this happen to you before?

We had, a few times, this was when we used to have self employed coaches

When we switched to simply employing full time staff members, things changed & things changed fast

Now I am not saying you should only get employed staff over self employed

But when they are committed to only you

Your level of staff confidence does increase 🙌


Module 5 inside the FitPro Incubator looks at: Business Development & Team Building

Looking at how to find staff, how to hire staff & how to maintain staff

With a big focus being on

1: Core Values
2: Client Appreciation

Today, I just wanted to touch on client appreciation 🙌

A major factor in keeping clients & keeping staff happy 🤩

Although we call it client appreciation, if you use the same formula for staff, it also always them to feel special

Let’s look at a simple one as praise

Everyone loves to be told they did well, especially when they don’t expect it 😍

When you tell a client that their squat has improved or you love how focused they currently are, they really appreciate it & feel special

By getting your staff to do this, allows your staff members to actively feel good for asking

& also gets your staff members to build a bigger/better connection with your clients

Likewise when you employ this onto your staff, they get that same feeling when you praise them & also build a deeper connection with your staff where they have a stronger feeling towards the business & yourself 💪

Show the staff you care, keep them focused & driven & enjoy a less stressful fitness business 🤝

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You got this 💪

David 🙂