Not Hitting 10k PM Yet?

Going to be super honest with you here…

Most of the numbers being shouted about by PT’s are skewed

What I mean by that is that, yes, they may have had a 10k month in January

But the rest of the year being back at 4-5k isn’t exactly a 6 figure Fitness Business

Why am I telling you this?

I was one of those FitPros once, that wanted to show off, yet when it comes to pay day week, really panicking I would have enough to pay staff

Working with close to 100 Ads & Coaching clients right now, I am also getting a really good view into what is & isn’t working, plus

What the AVERAGE Fitness Business owner makes

That being said, let’s look at what needs to be put in place to get you to that 8-10k PM & stay there… ALL YEAR ROUND 💪

1️⃣ Have A Dedicated Front End Offer & Don’t Change It…

Working with a franchise that has over 25+ locations, they literally have the same offer running all year round

No matter if we are in the hight of summer or the dark cold nights of winter, the front end offer stays the same!

Try and ensure your front end offer is also 1.5x the price of your monthly to cover all costs on the front end

2️⃣ Have A Structured Front End Offer…

Don’t just sign someone up, giving them access to the booking app & Facebook group, then send them on their way

Literally map out from the minute they sign up to the minute they convert at the end of the front end offer

Knowing each step will dramatically increase the number of sign-ups on the back end

3️⃣ Track Your Finances…

From the amount your bin collection is, to what you are spending on broadband & your water rates

You could be throwing 100s of £££ away each month by over paying & not switching, which could be paying for your next holiday or a set of dumbbells

4️⃣ Make It Impossible To Want To Leave…

The money & getting your fitness business to that next milestone is going to be in your monthly members!

Honestly, front end clients do not count, until they are paying MONTHLY!

Getting 100 local people to pay you £100 isn’t hard each month, but ensuring they keep paying you can be a bit tricky

Especially this time of the year with the summer holidays ☀️

So make it more than just about working out 👊

“Build Once & Use Many Times” is the perfect saying for this…

Holiday workouts, BBQ Recipe Packs, Summer Olympics

Have it in their mind, that without you, the world would crumble

5️⃣ Make BIG, HARD Decisions

Chances are, there are things in your business holding you back

It could be your monthly price, it could be your business model

It could be a staff member 🤷‍♂️

You know deep down what needs to change, chances are, you are a little afraid to make that change!

But if that change opens up 2, 3 or even 6k extra a month by having to make a BIG/HARD decision

Isn’t a few hours or at most week worth it to potentially have life changing outcomes for your business & personally?

If you are fed up with being stuck at 4-8k a month & ready to break new milestones, earn more & most of all enjoy life

Then let’s chat about The FitPro Incubator coaching programme –>>

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You got this 💪

David 🙂