Can You Really Run Your Fitness Business From A Beach 😏

Well the answer is super simple…. NO! 🤣

Currently sat here in Turkey 🇹🇷 , working from the beach… BAR

Not the beach as per the picture 😱

While the beach bed was free, it gave me a perfect opportunity to cover why working from the beach with your laptop is never going to work 😆

If you have tried it before, you will know right away that it is just super uncomfortable, you really just need a desk

The second has to be the bloody sand, pebble beaches are never fun, but getting the sand on your laptop, in your shoes & everywhere else becomes a real pain

Next lets talk the SUN ☀️ yes, you will catch a decent tan by sitting out, but you for sure can’t see your screen, the brightness levels on the laptop are just not high enough

Then you have the heating of the laptop because of the sun, which leads to the next & last point

Most laptops these days last a decent amount of time when not plugged in, but the minute you are in the sun & they start getting warm, the battery starts to drain fast & as you are down on the beach, the is going to be no plugs to keep things ticking over 🪫

Actually, I lied, there is one last one, all I am going to say is 🌊

Anyway… nothing specific from me today, maybe come & check out the LeadDec & FitPro Lead Gen Socials

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David 🙂