Opening A Studio with 80 Clients 🤩

If you’re thinking of opening a Studio or in the process of doing it, then read on 👇

Here is a quick insight into how we have helped launch another FitPro into his first studio with the target of opening with 80 clients

That’s 80 paying members before the door even opens or the first session is run

Planning starts about 8 weeks out from open

✅ Programme name
✅ Programme length
✅ Programme price

& no, we don’t do a crazy cheap intro offer for a studio…

If it was for a typical gym membership then yes, but for a studio, you want to be at your best pricing right away to not cause yourself issues further down the line

Then 7 weeks out, we get the landing page, ads, funnels, systems & automations all set-up on LeadDec, this way when we turn the ads on, we are ready to go

In week 7, ads copy & creatives for the initial ads are sent over for approval from the client

Then with 6 weeks out, ads are turned on 💪

Ads > Landing Page/LeadForm > What Happens Next TY

In order to hit set-sales target, we then need to hit the phones hard

3 calls a DAY 👊

2 different mobile numbers, 1 landline number & this is done for 10 days in a row

No IFS, not BUTs, call the leads

Moving them through the LeadDec pipeline in order to keep up-to-date with where you are up-to with each lead

Now the numbers…

We really need to be a minimum of a 20% lead to sale, for every 10 leads we make 2 sales 💪

Plus with a cost per sale to be less than £60 (this does vary depending on the programme price)

Now with the ads copy, this needs to focus on the words:

✍️ Brand New
✍️ New
✍️ Coming Soon

Hint, even if you are old, start your ads campaign with one of these 👆

As the weeks get close, we then start to switch a little to last few spaces & add in the “Special Offer Opening Deal” & run a grand opening ad too

All this to ensure when the doors officially open & the first session is about to begin, the client has 80 clients ALREADY paying 🙌

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David 🙂