I’m Good With Sales, But I’m Just Not Getting Enough Leads 🤷‍♂️

Been in this situation before 👆

Just not getting enough people booked in to really move the business forward & hit your desired targets?

Well this currently is the case for Frank & that is where we come in 💪

This weeks In-Person Lead Gen Eco-System built has taken us to Belfast

Frank does well with Facebook Ads, brining in a decent number of leads each week

But having all his eggs in one basket, is never a good idea when it comes to wanting to grow the fitness business

& why he signed up for the Lead Gen Eco-System 👾

By the end of the day, we had built 10 new ways to generate new leads into the fitness business

These 10 ways are also ways to pull leads in from prospects at different stages of the buyers journey

After all, not everyone is wanting to join your fitness business right now

✅ We built lead magnet funnels

✅ We built quiz funnels

✅ We built free 5 day online challenge funnels

✅ We built Short, Long & a VSL landing pages

✅ We built referral systems

✅ We built client feedback/satisfaction systems

✅ We built case study funnels

To name just a few 💪

We then built the automations for all of them, including a 13 month nurturing series that will keep trying to get the prospect to book in 👊

The Lead Gen Eco-System is a 8 Part System

1️⃣ Awareness

2️⃣ Long Term Nurture

3️⃣ Consultation Booking

4️⃣ No-Sale

5️⃣ Direct to Payment

6️⃣ New Sign-Up

7️⃣ Maximise

8️⃣ Reactivation

It may sound a lot, because yeah, it really is, but…

Once we have it built for you, you just need to turn it on 🔘

Want to have a chat? Then head over to this link –>> https://fitproleadgen.com/call

David 🙂