Do You Really Need To Do Sales Calls? 📳

**boot camp owners will want to read this**

If there is one thing that most of us FitPros hate doing

It’s is definitely having to call leads 😣

I tried them for weeks, when I got started all those years back & quickly realised it’s not for me

👎 It’s uncomfortable

👎 It’s daunting

👎 It’s scary

I was quickly able to find someone amazing to come in and do them for me 🙌

Now before I dive into why boot camp owners should read this

Just know that chasing leads by phoning them is and will always be the quickest and most successful route of getting leads booked in ✅

Okay… so I was chatting to a FitPro Portal member the other day about selling his programme

He was talking about getting a sales person in as he just hated having to do sales calls

And that getting a sales person would save him the agro of having to do the calls

But it comes at a financial price… he was thinking of working it on commission

-> Now like I mentioned above, there is a time and a place to do phone calls

And if you run boot camps, there is a solid chance you don’t need to do them if you follow advice I gave him 👇👇

So the FitPro Portal member charges £79 a month for his boot camp

And doesn’t like doing calls

So the suggestion was simple 🙌

✅ Run Ads for a 2 week FREE trial to the boot camp

✅ Collecting name, email & phone number

Now for the magic

✅ Have an automated SMS get sent out the minute they apply explaining how to get started


> session times & days

> session location

> how to find you & what you will be wearing

And finally

> what happens after the 2 weeks FREE trial, that once they finish, it’s then £79 a month

✅ Finally, have them get sent email follow ups for the next 10 days hyping up the programme and how to get started on the 2 week FREE trial by simply replying to the initial text or by texting your number

Now what this does is simple…

💪 It puts the emphasis on them to get themselves booked in

💪 Meaning no phone calls for you

💪 It’s all automated


💪 They know the price moving forward, which will reduce the number of 2 week time wasters you will get

Yes, if they don’t reply, then give it 2 days and send a follow up text

Same on day 6 if they still haven’t got back to you


You just need to get them into your fitness business & if phone calls really aren’t for you

Then find the right Entry Offer to get them in that works for your fitness business

You got this 🙌

David 🙂