Do You Still Need A Facebook Page?

Over the years, the importance of having and running a Facebook Page has gone down

After all, Facebook has reduced the average page view to well below 10% per post

Meaning if you have 100 likes, less than 10 people will see each post

Yes, this will increase depending on the engagement the posts can generate and the type of posts you put out

But for maybe 10-20 minutes work, creating a perfectly curated post for your Facebook Page for a very little return in views

So… Do we still need a Facebook Page?

The answer is… YES

For 2 reasons…

The first one is simple, if you want to run Facebook Ads, you need to have a Facebook Page to be able to run the ads from 💪

And the second, the second is all about KLT

Let’s start with a Facebook Ad

A prospect has just clicked on your ad, then comes to check out your Facebook page after submitting their details

And there is nothing, no recent posts, no reviews, nothing on your page

Imagine what is going through their head 🤨

❓ Is this a real business

❓ Why don’t they post

❓ Why don’t they have reviews

❓ Can I trust this business

Even if you have a few posts from a few months back

They might be thinking that you do this part time and are not going to be able to give them what they need


And this is the exact same, even if they haven’t just seen an advert

👍 Maybe a friend referred them to your page

👍 Maybe they found you on Google

👍 Maybe Facebook suggested your page

When a prospect lands on your Facebook page for whatever reason

✅ They need to know they are in the right place

✅ With fresh, up to date content

✅ With interesting posts about their goals and needs

✅ Reviews from clients and pictures of your work

Imagine just walking past a coffee shop and the lights are off, you would probably walk straight past 🤷‍♂️


This brings us on to how we should run a Facebook Page

Like we just talked about it needs to be fresh, with new content, images, videos and reviews

You don’t have to go crazy and create 3-5 posts each day, 1 post a day is more than enough

Remember, you just need to help them build the KLT with your Fitness Business

They check out your page, they like what they see, they reach out to want to know more 💪

So keep it simple…

1 post each day, covering topics such as:

👉 Updates & behind the scenes from your Fitness Business

👉 Images and videos from sessions & things that happen within the business

👉 How – to guides and top tips

👉 Success stories & reviews from clients

👉 Opportunities to join or to request more info about your services

Remember, just 1 post a day to keep your page fresh and up to date

And don’t forget, aim to get 1 new review each month if you can

You got this 💪

David 🙂