Know your FB Ad Campaign Types

Right then…

IOS14 has brought up a number of issues over the last few weeks

Including having to verify domains, leads not being tracked and a number of other issues 🤷‍♂️

So I wanted to do a little test…

1️⃣ Are Leads actually being missed?

2️⃣ What’s Conversion types are working best?

So this test…

It’s super fair, same ads copy, images and audience used across all of them

Then I wanted to try

✅ Conversion Ads, sending them to a moderate length landing page

✅ LeadAds, including 2 questions

1- What are your goals?

2- The course is £159, how ready are you?

✅ Messenger Ads, including 2 questions

1- What are your goals?

2- Can you confirm you are over 30?

Let’s look at the results 🤓

First up…

Messenger Ads still don’t seem to track the results correctly

From a quick glance at the inbox, we have had 7 new Facebook Messages

All answering the questions we asked

As for the set up, you still can’t run messenger ads here in Europe

So the set up is a Conversion Ad, that then is tweaked to run as a messenger

Now the Conversion Ads and Messenger Ads provided accurate data for the number of leads

Which brings us in to the most interesting part of the test so far

Remember the Ads Copy & Images are the same for each gender

The interesting thing for me is the difference in leads for each campaign when it comes Conversion Type

The men did much better when it came to LeadAds

While the ladies did much better when it came to Conversion Ads


And this is why we always need to be testing, trying new things and not running with one advert

In each campaign type we had 2 ads copy and 2 images, giving us 4 ads

For the LeadAds, we added in 2 questions, which has made no difference to the usual cost of the men, but killed all ladies leads

The Conversion Ads landing page, is performing 2% better than the previous one we use to use, but didn’t work at all for me

Which again is WHY you need to be testing 💪

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You got this 💪

David 🙂