Every Person We Used To Help Us Grow The Gym

If you really want to succeed in running any business, you are going to need help, including:

✅ Clients that love your service
✅ Staff that can free up your time
✅ Specialist outsourced companies

& it’s the outsourcing companies I want to chat about today

These companies can not only save you a load of time, but they can also increase the value of your offering & even make a massive difference in your fitness business growth

This is going to be a big list & yes, I might forget a few… let’s get started:

Shane Nugent MSc, (DBA Current), supplied us with nutrition courses & monthly nutrition training

Naomi Carson, supplied us with monthly recipe packs & videos, & one-off packs

Gary Mendoza, PhD, RNutr., came in to give the staff training on motivational interviewing & coaching

Bruce Carmichael, came in to service all our equipment

Maxine Howells, was our go-to photographer

Stuart Mackenzie, was used to teach our staff how to sell

Oliver D., was the guy who created all our logos

Ash Burleigh & Ged O’Hara, were the only option to help us get set-up on PTDistinction

Lianne Sykes, helped us get in the newspapers & magazines a few times

Russ Palmer, for all things clothing & now FitPro Clothing

Rob Nicholson, was always used when we upgraded the rig & attachments

We used Al Clunnie & on occasions Matt Tickner for all things copy & words

For business growth, we worked first with Justin Devonshire & then Jean-Claude Vacassin

Holly also worked with Tanya Filer for her personal development

While I worked with Yaseen Dadabhay & now Peter Taylor

Other notable mentions, that I haven’t worked with but from client feedback, you should check out

Debbie Hancock ACMA who specialises in accounting for fitness businesses

Carl Fanning who specialises in Insurance for fitness businesses

Like I said, I might have missed a few, but without the help of this list, we would have never been able to grow FitHub30 to the success we had!

You got this 💪

David 🙂