Here Is My Sales Strategy & Why It Probably Won’t Work For You 👊

It’s coming up to a week since I told the world that I sold our gym

Having sold it just over a month ago, I was scared to announce it, as I was scared of what people would say

Yet, those fears I had, did not come true at all, in fact what I had from telling the world, was love, comments & messages


✅ congratulation comments

✅ I’m looking to sell too, can you share what you did messages

& the biggest one…

✅ Can I work with you 🤩


Why my sales strategy probably won’t work for you 👊

I love marketing, learning & trying to figure out what makes people click, submit & purchase from you

What is also super interesting, is why people prefer one strategy over another

Take my own…

I have never been the ‘COOL’ person, never a show off, never the loudest or stand out person in the room

I would be that typical guy in the sports team that is just average, the one that doesn’t change the game & also the one that doesn’t cost the game

With this being the case, I have always needed to do something else to make me stand out

In football, I am the guy that doesn’t stop running, win, lose or draw, I will keep going right to the end 👊

We can call it working hard

Yet in business, we can all work hard to try & stand out

But most of the time this isn’t enough, we need to try & find another way

A way that can make you stand out & also a way that work for you

After all, it’s easy to ‘steal’ I mean copy 🤣 someone else’s landing page, sales pages & social media

But it get’s hard to keep it up & eventually someone will call you out

Which means you need to really find your own style, your own strategy, one that works for you & you can keep it up

For me… it’s content 🤓

Not being a shouty, come buy my stuff business owner

I have always found it easier, to share everything

The how, why, failures, wins & struggles with a CTA to book a call

This is how FitPro Lead Gen started by other FitPros asking me how I did it

& will continue to be my strategy with everything else I do

What have you found to be your sales strategy?

You got this 💪

David 🙂