Facebook Ads Don’t Work 😬

Yep, this is the truth, I see it time & time again

FitPros reaching out, almost digitally 🗣 SHOUTING at me

Saying they spend £10, £50 maybe even £100 & made NO SALES

& I usually have to agree with them

Facebook Ads Don’t Work… if

You don’t know how to chase down the leads

& if you don’t know how to sell


You see after I have had a quick chat with them, they usually say they got leads from Facebook 😉

Which means Facebook Ads DO WORK 😎

What didn’t work is the time you put into chasing down these leads & then presenting the offer & selling to that lead

Facebook Ads is what we call Interruptive Marketing 🛑

You are literally stopping a viewer in their track/scroll to view your advert

This means the type of lead you get from this style of marketing is very different to a Search Based Approach


To conclude…

If you want to run Facebook Ads, make sure you know what the whole process looks like from

Viewer → Lead → Chasing Down → Selling

Getting a stage wrong can lead to some expensive mistakes

You got this 💪

David 🙂