Gym Update #3: Slipping back to the old ways, but… in PROFIT AGAIN 😅

This week has been back to the typical weeks I was having before I started documenting turning the gym around

If you are new to these Gym Updates Posts, then a few weeks back, I had a shock when my team told me the gym made a loss & I had to put OWN money in for the first time

Basically, I had put the gyms progress & my own focus on the gym to the back of my priorities, spending my time growing both FitPro Lead Gen & LeadDec

This last week, it felt like it was back to pre-writing these, spending the whole week focusing on the other stuff, travelling around the country catching up with FitPro clients, searching for new staff members & much more

Spending more or less the whole week on FitPro & LeadDec…

What we did set up, a few posts back was to set a few priorities/must-do’s for the staff, for when these types of weeks happen, including:

✅ Weekly staff meetings
✅ Daily Focus plan & End of Day reporting
✅ Daily sales report

The week started off with the weekly staff meeting. The first part is with the gym office team working on the back end, marketing & tasks, then we have the second part of the meeting as a whole team covering clients & retention

This puts us in good standing for the week ahead, as the whole team have individual tasks they need to focus on to allow us to keep moving forward

Next, we have the ‘Daily Focus Plan’ & ‘End of Day Reporting’ (EOD), this is an interesting one, as it’s not about spying on the staff or making sure they said they are going to do what they said they are going to do, but at the same time, it kind of is if that makes sense 🤷‍♂️ 🤣

Doing this, allows me to keep up to date with what they are working on & focusing on that day, & likewise see what they managed to do & what else came up that we didn’t expect or needs doing the next day

Doing this also allows us to see what is going on, what needs more attention, what unexpected things crop up & also, to ensure things don’t get missed

A good example of this would be the EOD, if there were a comment about a client getting injured in a session, we can all see who it was & catch-up with that client, ensuring it isn’t missed or forgotten

🤪 actually, as I write this, I am actually remembering a few other things that went well this week…

1️⃣ we started doing the 1st attempt ‘Double Call’ tactic, which resulted in a lot more answers 🙌

This is where we call them, if they don’t answer, we wait 2 minutes, then call again, only after the second attempt do we send a follow-up text & email

2️⃣ we started filling up the next set of onboarding sessions, we have 12 booked so far, 5 of them have automatically booked from the follow-up automations, 2 have paid a deposit, and the other 5 have been booked in from chasing them up but not paid anything

This is a good start, considering we still have another 2 weeks to go, but…. & this is a big one

We need to look at why we are not taking payments in full for these spaces & resorting to just either deposits or no payment at all, after all, we all know that ‘skin in the game’ is always a better commitment than someone’s word, therefore looking at getting prospects to pay in full when we chase them has to be a priority for staff training this week 💪

3️⃣ we are about 90% the way to finishing off the online member’s area in LeadDec, all I have left is to record the training to give to the staff, showing them how to add the content in

The online member’s area is where we will be storing all our out of session content for the clients to watch, download & read. Including the monthly recipe books from Fitpro Recipes & nutrition coaching from Quantum Nutrition, the at home mobility workouts, home workouts that we did back in the C19 times, plus a few other bits

4️⃣ this leads nicely into finishing off a lot of the SOPs videos & guides that got added in, including opening gym & closing gym procedures, moving electric plugs around the make it easier & more

💵 okay, to finish this last week off, we also had our end of month report from our finance staff member & the report was… positive 🤩

Remember the reason I started all this was because the previous month I had to add my own money in, well this month’s finances ended like this:

📉 Outgoings: £9,655
📈 Incomings: £11,043
💰 Profit: £1388

So not a bad start to the gym turnaround mission 💪 still a LONG way to go to get us back to where we once were but going in the right direction

This next week now, we have a few more things we need to work on including:

⭕️ Fine-tuning the chasing process to be taking PIF or deposit payments instead of just bookings

⭕️ Launching the MyZone monthly MEPS challenge

⭕️ Pushing for the Christmas Party bookings

⭕️ Updating the MyZone screens with this month’s events including the Halloween workout

⭕️ Working on closing 1-2 PIF year payments

You got this

David 🙂