Here Is Why We Can’t Work Together 😢

** Before I explain why, If you are just about to invest in someone, read further down where I explain why we turn clients away & what you should be looking for **

One of the worst parts of what we do is definitely having to turn away new potential clients

👎 Not because we have lost potential new income from that client

✅ It’s because we know… that what we can do for them can literally change their fitness business

Take a client we have down in Portsmouth here in the UK for example

When they joined us just over a month ago, he said he NEEDED 4 new clients this month to be able to cover all his bills

4 weeks in, he signed not 4, not 5, but 10 brand new clients up at over £300 each per month 🏆

While on the flip side….

Today, we had a sales call with a FitPro and told him that our Ads Management Service just wouldn’t be a good fit right now

You see, you see all the results that we get

Or maybe another company gets

You get excited about getting the same results

So you book a call with them and then get sold onto a programme/service

Here is the issue

There could be a good chance you have just been sold something that really isn’t good fit for your fitness business right now

Just like the guy I was talking too earlier was

You see when we run your ads on our Ads Management Service

We will be asking for a number of items & numbers

Using terms & words that you might not have any idea what I mean

Which also means, you probably have no idea, if the work they are doing for you is benefiting your business or not

Or potentially they are just taking you for a ride, taking your money and blaming you for the failures 😢

So if you are thinking about working with us or anyone else

Please make sure you know a little about what they are going to offer you

Take the Ads Management Service

✅ make sure you know what type of ads they are going to use for you and make sure they explain why they are going to use them

✅ ask them for estimated costs, such as clicks, leads, and of course cost per sale

✅ make sure they explain what is expected from you

✅ make sure you get some sort of report each week on performance

✅ make sure you are able to contact them when you need help

PLEASE… make sure you are 100% confident in what they offer you and that you haven’t just been sold to 🤣

You got this 💪

David 🙂