Holly Messed Up, with A Positive Outcome 🤨

First of all, if you are a FitPro based here in Wales

You 100% need to be jumping on the SportsWales website and be chasing down the latest ‘Loss of Earnings’ grant

If you’re not based in Wales, just do a quick Google search and you may find some grants available to you 💪

Anyway… email comes in from SportsWales asking for our finances for the last year 🤣

Holly jumps on the email, sending an email out to our accountants tagging ‘Zoe’ our VAT lady & ‘James’

Thing is, she tagged ‘James’ = not the accountant 🤯

‘Zoe’ emails back to let her know of her mistake 😬

Correct James added and application form for the grant submitted

Now later on today, we get a reply to the first ‘James’ she email

🗣 I don’t think that email was meant for me, I though have had a look at your website and remember asking about the programme previous. Could you send more info over for when lockdown finishes

Results 🙌

So here are 2 things to take from this email

Well, actually 3 things, with the first being….

1️⃣ Make sure you check who you are sending the emails too 😅

2️⃣ The second, don’t forget about the people who have previously showed interest in what you have to offer

Maybe at that time, they just weren’t ready to get started

3️⃣ Prospects are now looking forward to getting back going

Today in fact, we have had another person reach out to ask when we where expecting to open again and can she have more info

So go get too it 👊

Start hyping up that you are starting to get things ready and start building up the awareness and engagement for the big RE-OPEN 🎉

David 🙂