How To Improve Lead Quality…

A question we get asked a lot is:

🗣 how can I improve lead quality, I’m speaking to a lot of people who just can’t afford my programme


Now before I talk about the ads themselves, you first may want to consider your selling skills

If someone has said they can’t afford it, it may have been that you haven’t convinced them enough in the consultation

If this is the case, then go chat to either James Rees-Hopkins or Stuart Mackenzie who both are experts in the sales side

Okay, now back to the ads itself…

Unfortunately you are unable to target income levels here in the UK & most countries around the world

Except for the US, therefore the 2 main option you have are:

1️⃣ In the copy: call out to your target audience and make the copy repel your not so target audience

👀 I’m looking for busy professional & working Dads

In the copy, you can also put the price or some sort of financial statement in the ads copy

Now when it comes to putting the pricing in, this is something I would do as the last hurdle, especially if you are a higher priced service

The minute a prospect sees the price, there is a good chance they will instantly scroll on without even giving themselves a chance to read the rest of the copy

If you want the price, try something like this

👀 costing as little as a cup of coffee each day ☕️

👀 starting from just £3.33 a day

2️⃣ The same type of stuff can be done on the landing page too

Again make it specific to your target audience, repelling the non target audience

And also putting the price/financial commitment

Getting the copy right will always give you the right leads & we have PROVEN & TESTED Ads copies waiting for you inside The FitPro Portal 🙌

You got this 💪

David 🙂