Entry Offer & It’s Length…

The fitness industry is a strange place

The clients want quick, instant results

Yet, we as the Fitness Professionals know the true length it will take them to get to their goals

The thing is, we can’t sell that…

Nobody wants be to told they will need to train with you for 8/9 or even 15 months to get their results


👆 and that is the key part of the whole brining new clients onboard

Once a clients can see the value, the initial results, the community, the vibe, the studio & YOUR BELIEFS

It’s at that point that they are ready to commit to a long term programme

Which brings us to creating an entry offer and the right length of this offer

Now this offer needs to tick a few boxes for the client

✅ not too long

✅ realistic results

✅ no long term commitments

And for you…

✅ you need to build trust

✅ show value & results

✅ convince them to stay beyond the entry offer

In general, how long do you think it will take you to convince a client to stay with you long term 😎

This is the length of your Entry Offer!

And here is the thing, this differs from fitness business type, to the price and service you offer

We at DKnine start everyone on a 6 week programme

You have gyms & bootcamps that offer trial sessions/weeks

Others have a low end price to trial their programme for just 30 days

Or even 21 days for £21


It comes down to how long it takes you to convince a clients to stay with you long term


You build your client onboarding process into that length

You don’t give them everything on day 1, just like in week 1 you don’t get them doing sessions, nutrition planning, mindset coaching and so on

You build it up slowly

The client then gets a better experience as they are not bombarded with content and training and advice

But slowly over the entry offer length, getting more involved, more committed and more integrated into your programme

Making the transition into a full time member a simple process

You got this 💪

David 🙂