What Gordon Ramsey has taught me about running a fitness business

Usually of an evening when I am scrolling through YouTube finding stuff to watch

Im usually watching stuff on history, technology, engineering & business

Watching Kitchen Nightmares by Gordon Ramsey would never be on the cards

But, a 2 minute video popped up on Facebook last week showing a clip of the show, I watched it and wow

Although the owner of the restaurant was getting roasted by Gordon, there was a lot of insight into running a restaurant

So if you own a restaurant and want to get some world class business coaching for FREE then go and watch a few episodes

** They do start getting a little repetitive after the first 5-6 **

Okay, now let’s dive in to what Gordon Ramsey has taught me about running a successful fitness business 🙌

1️⃣ Take Control of Your Business & Situation

This is your fitness business, not your staff, not your clients… It’s YOURS!

Don’t let others dictate, don’t let the business run away from you


If you don’t like something, the way something is going, the way your business is progressing

Then TAKE CONTROL and own it!

2️⃣ Without your Passion, it’s game over 👎

One of the biggest issues he saw in each of these business was that the owner has lost his passion for the business

Once this happens, it starts to rub off on your clients, your staff and you business as a whole

We all know in our own fitness business, that once a clients loses interest, we have lost them as a client

This is the same for you…

If you lose the passion and desire to run your fitness business, then the end is coming

So go get motivated again, take a few days out, get back focusing on why you created it and if needs to be

Go change something to re-light the fire

3️⃣ It’s OKAY to change something that’s not working 🤩

There where some mad restaurants and menu concepts on the show

And for the viewers watching, it was obvious that that was something that needed to be changed

For the business owner, not so much

So if your business is not in a place you want it to be, step out and try and take a look from a prospects point of view

And if you can see that something really does need changing, then go change it

4️⃣ Hire & Fire Staff Fast 👨‍🏫

We have all been or in this situation now…

1- you are doing EVERYTHING yourself


2- your staff are letting you down and killing your business

Again, take ownership and do what needs to be done

5️⃣ Keep It Simple

There is a reason Coke, Apple & YouTube are so successful and continue to grow

They started with 1 product/service/offering, and then once it is working, they start adding more

Don’t over complicated things, it is holding you back

There was one episode on the show where this steak house had 36 different meal combinations that took the waiter 10 minutes to explain each time 🤣


Now these 5 things, literally blend into each other

Some mash all into 1 point, others need to be done individually

But if there was 1 thing I would say from all of the episodes was the most important point

It was…

TAKE OWNERSHIP & CONTROL of your Fitness Business

You got this 💪

David 🙂