I once crashed my new car in an illegal rally 🏎

There are times in life, where no matter who gives you advice

You have to suffer to learn from it

And this was the case back when I was 17

I was never a crazy driver when I passed

But I also thought I knew better than what others would tell me

A few months after I passed my test, I upgraded my trusty Peugeot 106

To a Blue Rover 25 GTI, including a Halford in car light, new CD player & everything else to make the car awesome back then 🤣


About 2 weeks after getting the car, a few friends had mentioned about a late night rally

The rally was fully organised, roads closed, everything legit

Except for the part that, we would also join in 😬

Of course, deep down I knew this is something I should never be doing & of course, I wasn’t going to tell my parents what I was planning to do

I joined in the rally about 3rd turn in, around 1am

& it was all going well….

That was until about 20 minutes in, I took a corner to fast and 💥

Straight into a solid rock wall at about 30mph

Luckily, I was okay, the car on the other hand was a right off

The dread of then having to explain to everyone what happened, why I had no car & then listen to the many lectures

& this brings me onto why I am sharing this with you

There are times, where you just don’t want to listen to other peoples advice

There are times where you need to fail, crash or loose to understand the reasoning

It’s how you deal and bounce back that really shows you what you need to do next time

For me, it is to not drive in a rally again in this instance 😑

In other instances I have learnt a lot about myself, better ways of doing something or a clear path for the next time I try it

You got this 💪

David 🙂