‘I think’ is just not good enough… 🤯 

I’m all for a laugh & a joke, having fun & enjoying life

But when it comes to getting the answer I need from time to time

Getting a response of… ‘I think’, just doesn’t cut it

It almost cause an argument with the accountant the other day 🤣

We were chatting about tax, when he said I need to be saving roughly ‘x’ amount each week

& this is the same as ‘I think’

Not having the exact answer, can lead to mistakes, lead to under or over budgeting

Or just completely getting it wrong

I hate getting things wrong

So when someone says to me ‘I think’ or ‘roughly’ or just doesn’t give me the exact answer I need, then I get angry 🤬 lol

Anyway, the days of not knowing exactly what is going on at DKnine Fitness are well & truly over now

Just by logging into LeadDec, I instantly shows me exactly what I need to know

No more guessing or having a rough answer 🙌

Same for how many times each lead has been contacted or exactly when was the last time the lead was contacted

Because LeadDec tracks all of this and much more, I can see the answers & get reports in just a few clicks 💪

Remember, if we want to keep being friends, then PLEASE always give me the exact answer 🤣

You got this 🙌

David 🙂