Sundays are all about one thing… 

I am still in a place in life where I don’t have any real major responsibilities

Yeah, I have the typical bills & need to make sure we make Bank on the 8th to pay all our staff members

This means I can do as I please, & to that extent, I literally spend almost every minute I am awake working 💪

I love it & it doesn’t really feel like work 🤓

But on Sundays, I do TAKE the day off


Because I want to go exploring with Holly & Hank 🐕

We either go down the beach, find some new middle trails or just spend a few hours running around the field 💪

Today, we headed down the FitPro office to get a load of new desks set up & work on the new room we have let

We then cleaned the car & van

Then finally, we went for a big walk around the Lisvane Reservoir, through the fields, in the rain & mud, then getting slightly lost

Now, we finish up sitting on the sofa, Hank fast asleep & a movie on the TV 📺

What makes things even better, is that on these days when me & Holly are totally off, DKnine doesn’t stop

In fact, we have had 2 more people book themselves in automatically for a studio tour & 3 more replied to the automated text that goes out after they apply

All thanks to LeadDec 🙌

Remember LeadDec is designed to make sure you never miss a lead again 💪

Have a great rest of a Sunday 🤓

David 🙂