If I told this to my gran 20 years ago…

She would have laughed at me 🤣

Yet, this is happening literally all around us this day and age

And I’m not talking about the C word 🤐

I’m talking about meeting people on this thing that lives in the sky – the internet

Which they then pay you without even meeting you face to face

And in some cases not knowing who you are at all

Yet as you read this, there is a good chance we have never actually met in real life

Yet, you know a lot about me

Now imagine me telling her that one 20 years ago 😬

They can check out your house on Google Maps

They can see your most favourite restaurant by looking at where you check in the most on Facebook

And this is exactly why when someone Google’s you

It need to first needs to show you

And secondly in a good light 💡

As they say… if it’s on the internet, it must be true

Now onto the point of this post 🤗

Yesterday we released a very special offer to celebrate the return of FitPro Web Design

The first 5 people to join the new service will pay NO set-up fee

And the first slot has already gone to a FitPro in Norwich in the UK

Now let me ask you this…

If someone Google’s your business, does your website load up??

If you don’t have a website, then we need to talk

If the website does load and literally makes your cringe, then we need to talk too

Only 4 spaces left on this launch offer

You in?

David 🙂